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Pest Control and Termite Exterminator Tulsa OK
one-yearInspect Your Home!
We offer WDI, WDO, and ODAFF inspections with a one-year warranty for real estate transactions if desired! We do a complete interior and exterior inspection of the structure. We then e-mail the report to you, your realtor, or bank. Click Here for Pricing...
TermiteProtect Your Home!
Protect your home and commercial property with Annual Termite Inspections and Service! Let us help safeguard your largest invest by checking for termites and wood destructive insects annually. Contact us for a proposal to check your property.
CertifiedCertified Inspections!
Real Estate Closings are often a complicated transaction. As a dis-interested third party, we can offer you an accurate inspection to help you make a better decision. Whether you are buying or selling, we do ODAFF inspections Right! Contact Us for an Appointment...
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