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Pest Control and Termite Exterminator Tulsa OK
Fiddleback Spider
Spiders can often be a beneficial insect because they eat other bugs. However, we don't want them in our homes (especially the posionous ones). Let us tailor a program to protect your family from these unwanted invaders. Our Specials...
Carpenter Ant
Ants can be a very real and persistent nuisance. Carpenter ants are even worse because the damage they do can be as severe as termites. We will take them heads-on with a variety of control measures to stop the ants and eliminate their colonies. Contact Us at (877) 378-7772
German Roach
Roaches are a nasty bug, but they can invade even cleanest of homes. We can bring them home in boxes or bags from grocery or the warehouse club. With only drops of water and tiny bits of food they can bear young at an alrming rate! Let us help!
General Pests
Many folks don't mind crickets or moths or other minor pests. That is until they can't sleep from the chirping or they find holes in their favorite sweater. Our pest programs help protect you and your stuff from these situations. Call us for more information.
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