A-1 American Termite Exterminator Service
Pest Control and Termite Exterminator Tulsa OK
Termidor Certified!
Let us protect your home from termites using Termidor® Liquid residual Termitacide. Termites take Termidor back to the the colony and it spreads like a disease. We are Termidor Certified and offer the most competative rates in our marketplace. Specials...
Get to the Termite Colony!
We can give your home the long-term protection it needs with Termite Baiting & Monitoring. The best way to eliminate any pest is to have them return to their nest with a posionous food source. Termite baiting offers a long-term solution. Our Specials...
Termite Swarmer vs Ant
Need Termite Control and Pest Protection? We can give you both for little more than some folks pay for pest service alone. Our Termite and Pest Bundle includes a Termite Bait System WITH Quarterly Pest Service for about $ 49.00 monthly(3500 sq.ft or less)!
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